Dan Gurney Special

Dan Gurney specials were produced for the 1967 and 1968 model years only. They were promoted by Dan Gurney who signed a sponsorship deal with Mercury for the 1967 Trans Am racing season. The DGS option included a chrome engine dress-up kit, “turbine wheel covers” and a sticker on the rear passenger (needs to be confirmed it was passenger side please) side window. The chrome engine dress up kit consisted of a chrome air cleaner lid, dipstick and valve covers. All of these items were available as dealer installed options for both model years and today the only real way to be sure of having a real DGS car is to get your Marti report from Marti Autoworks.

DGS Production Numbers

  • 1967 – 19,783
  • 1968 – 11,900

Please note: DGS cars are completely separate from XR7-Gs. The XR7 G is a different beast entirely. Where as the DGS was mainly a dress-up option the XR7-G cars are rare performance monsters. To this day there are still people who confuse the two designations.

3 thoughts on “Dan Gurney Special

  1. Looking to purchase a clean 67 XR7 that the original owner claims to be a Dan Gurney edition, but the sticker is on the drivers side rear quarter window, the dress up chrome kit doesn’t appear to be original, supposedly the hub caps were stolen early on, however…
    supposedly the tilt steering column is unique to the dan gurney tilting left to right!? Going by my research I think owner just doesn’t recall that her husband converted the car. Still a great car, just trying to decide on the value based on the information. Any suggestions from anyone on this?

    A Marti Report is the only way to know? Owner has original papers that don’t state anything regarding the DG edition, but is there anything that I can look for in the paperwork to identify this?

    1. You might want to take a look at the Cougar XR7-G Registry. There’s a lot of info there, and you can even use the contact form to contact the registrar with the VIN number to find out definitively if the car you’re looking at is a G.

      You might also sign up for the Forum. The guys on there can answer almost any Cougar-related question.

  2. I confirmed it was a Dan Gurney Special and purchase the vehicle. There are a lot of oddities but the Marti report confirmed it. Thanks for your direction Jay!

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