1968 Cougar

The 1968 model year included: Standard Coupe, XR7, GT, Dan Gurney Special, GT-E, XR7-G

Nineteen sixty-eight saw the addition of 2 new model packages to the Cougar lineup. The GT-E and XR-7G. What a great year to buy a Cougar. The car maintained the same body lines from the 67 model with some slight changes. Most notable were the addition of side signal markers on the front and rear quarters, a 2 spoke steering wheel (as opposed to the 3 spoke offered in the 1967 model) and some slight badge changes to the rear quarter panel emblems.

With the huge popularity and success of the Cougar in it’s inaugural year, Ford decided to double up on the car’s winning steak by adding a slew of high performance engine packages and upgrades. Where as the 1967 cars had only the 289 or 390 engine options, the 1968 cars were offered with a 289(2bbl), 302(2bbl), 302(4bbl), 390(2bbl), 390(4bbl), 427(4bbl) and the almighty 428CJ(4bbl). The 427 engine option was available only as part of the GT-E package for the first part of the 1968 production run. The 427 option was dropped midyear and replaced with the new 428CJ block option for the last half of 1968.

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