G-Force Cougar: The G Car That Could Have Been

What If Team Cougar had won that last race in 1967 and become the Trans Am series Champs?

It would have been difficult for Ford to pull the plug on Team Cougar. Perhaps Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, and Ed Leslie would have gone on to win again in 1968. We will never know of course, but for certain, Mercury would have tried to make the most of the victory, and the best way to do that would have been with a commemorative vehicle.

This brings us to the G-Force Cougar. The G-Force Cougar is the creation of Rocket, as he is known on MC.Net. Rocket describes himself like this: Born Canadian car crazy, single, in love with Ford racing, owner of one of the coolest collections of rare Cougars anywhere. Rocket keeps his cat collection in Surrey, BC, Canada. I think his work speaks for itself. This gallery contains photos of the G-Force Cougar. To read more about it, see the article What If, here on Classic Cougar Community.