Demystifying the 1967 Cougar Sequential Turn Signals

1967 Cougar Sequential Turn Signal System Troubleshooting Guide CoverWhat would a classic Cougar be without functioning sequential taillights? Frustrating, that’s what.

Classic Cougar Community member coachJack has come to the rescue with his thorough guide “Everything You Wanted To Know About the ’67 Cougar Sequential Taillights.

According to coachJack, he started with Steve Citrone’s “Sequential Signals of the 67/68 Cougar,” which provides comprehensive information about the system. Next, he added the “Sequential Turn Signal And Emergency Flasher Systems” which contains essential information, working diagrams, wiring diagrams and a troubleshooting flowchart. He then used Vic Yarnberry’s “Sequential Turn Signal Troubleshooting Guide” for the turn signal switch circuitry and troubleshooting. Last but not least, he read through numerous posts on the Mercury Cougar forum and the Classic Cougar forum, gleaning what additional information he could and integrating it into the document. He found Greg Murphy’s (devildog) format in which associated relays, their function, location, and indications of failure are described particularly helpful, so he incorporated that as well as adding additional notes, wiring information, and testing procedures for both off and on the car.

As you can see, the PDF file contains bookmarks and a handy table of contents for ease of navigation.

This was a huge effort and a great contribution to the community. Thanks, coachJack!

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  1. I have a 1967 XR7 it may have more than one issue with the rear lights. Only the rear brake lights come on at this time. I have no emergency flashers and no turn signals; nothing lights up when applied at the steering wheel accordingly to function. From what I can figure out. Looks like the left turn signal switch may be damaged as it seams to not holding properly when applied. The emergency flashers do nothing when applied. Your help please ! I have checked the fuses above the brake pedal and changed the tail light bulbs. How to trouble shoot sequential turn signals chart or guide would be most helpful. Thank you very kindly ! I think I have one of only five Cougars that still remain in full tack and alive in the Hawaiian islands. Help preserve the endangered cat from a bad ending. Thanks again !!

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