What’s New in the Forums?

We are using an open source program called phpBB to support the forum. This does lots of great things for us. First of all, open source software can be modified to meet our purposes. We aren’t stuck with the way the developers’ believe things should work. We also benefit from the thousands of other users’ experience and efforts in extending the basic software by developing code that adds features–called “mods” with phpBB–so the Forum does more and we don’t have to spend our hard-earned money paying for it. Since phpBB is also on an open license, we don’t have to pay for the software license, and even more important, all of the constant upgrades and support fees. And here is the real kicker: the most popular paid software is actually based on phpBB! So we get all of the good stuff, and we can put the money into better, faster hosting and things that make a difference for the users.

Since this forum is run by and for Cougar enthusiasts, and not advertising sale folks, we are already doing a few things that are different. We think they’re better.

We have made the avatar, (the little picture next to your user name, added via your User Control Panel) a lot bigger and also rectangular. That other Cougar forum only allows an avatar that is square and not more than 50 pixels across. We have bumped things up to 120 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. If you want to reuse an avatar you already have, it will work just fine. If you want to use a picture of your car, I think that you will find it to be a lot better fit in our new size. We also allow a bigger file size so clarity should be much better.

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Smart PhoneDo you have a smart phone? Or the real question might be do you have a smart phone YET? If you do you will soon fall in love with a feature called Tapatalk. Tapatalk lets you read the forum from your phone. The ap does cost $2.99 (and no we don’t get a cut, dammit…) but it is super cool and something you need to check out.

Growing up in Oklahoma I was taught that the right thing to do was to “Dance with the one that brung ya.” As it turns out, it Supporting Member Badgewas more than just good advice for women stuck with ugly dates. It means demonstrating appreciation and respect. If you become a supporting member of the Classic Cougar Community Forums we want to let the world know. The least we can do is show who brung us to the dance! We will display the icon at left along with your profile on all of your posts.

Animated Mona Lisa AvatarSometimes it’s the jiggle that makes you giggle. Animated avatars are pretty cool, and of course we know you want to be able to use them. If you got the moves we got the place.

Sometimes the greatest gift is what you don’t do. Like accept banner ads and other obnoxious web advertising. We are completely sure that if you need to find singles in your home town or weight-loss secrets you mom never told you, that there are lots of other places to look. Our plan is to keep the site as clean as possible. We will need to run a few Google supplied text links to make sure that the site is included in Google search, but other than that, we are letting the other guys worry about keeping those Viagra peddlers in business. To illustrate our point, here is a blank white box.

You’ve got mail. That is as long as your mail box isn’t full. Our Private Message (PM) mail boxes are bigger. Almost 20% bigger. It isn’t a big deal, but when you are working for the members instead of the advertisers, it is the least we can do.

This PM is worthless with out pictures. We allow you to add pictures to PM’s. If you are buying or selling parts, this is one feature you will really like. No need to do separate emails of pictures.

Private Messaging

We are always looking for great ideas for new features we can add to the site. Let us know. Do you have questions? There is no better place than the forums to ask for pointers or to provide us with your feedback.