Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community website!

How to use this site:

We want to be the first place you stop for all of your Cougar Community information.  Check out the Resources menu on the right side of the home page.  You will find links to some of our favorite Cougar hangouts:  MercuryCougar.net, TheCurb.org, and the CougarClub.org (CCOA).

MercuryCougar.net is the busiest forum in the Cougar world.  This is the place for continuous Cougar discussion.  If you have questions, they have answers. Pretty soon you will be pontificating right along with the best of them.

TheCurb.org is the road house of the Cougar world.  Grab beer, sit down and smoke ’em if ya’ got ’em.  The Curb is home to Cougar enthusiasts with an attitude. You have to have a sense of humor to get the vibe, and it will be helpful to appreciate the finer points of Monty Python: “that rabbit is dynamite!”  Full membership at the Curb is by invitation, check out the site for details.   (membership may require shrubbery)

CougarClub.org is the home page for the Cougar Club of America.  The CCOA is currently struggling to find its place in the world of Internet chat groups and online publishing.  Publication of the At the Sign of the Cat quarterly publication ended in 2006.  We miss the magazine and wish the COOA the best of luck as they work through their difficulties.  At this time, we recommend that you check with the club before sending in membership application to determine what benefits the club is currently able to provide.  On the main menu you will see a button for local club contacts.  You may find a club in your area that can fill many of your needs.  Be sure to check back for any changes to the status of the CCOA.

Why We Are Here:

Classic Cougar Community is here for you.  The purpose of this site is to bring together as much Cougar information as possible.  If you have news about Cougars, or have Cougar related documents you would like to share with the Community, this is the place.   And even better, the next time you do a repair or modification on your car, take a few pictures, write it up and send it to us for publication.

Please bear with us over the next few days and weeks as we continue to evolve this website into a powerful tool and community resource for Cougar enthusiasts everywhere. This site is built and maintained by volunteers and we are always open to suggestions and assistance of all kinds from whomever is willing to put in the time.

This website has finally come into being thanks to the efforts of some long time Cougar enthusiasts who were finally pushed into action. This site is by no means meant as a replacement for some of the great websites out there today like Mercurycougar.net, theclassiccougarnetwork.com and cougarclub.org

What we have realized is that there are a lot of great Cougar resources available to people all over the Internet that perhaps get less recognition than they deserve and we want to help Cougar enthusiasts everywhere get to those sites they need to enjoy their hobby to it’s fullest. From regional car clubs to just private hobbyist site owners there are so many great people that can help you with your passion for your car and it’s our job to get you there.


Mark & Bill for ClassicCougarCommunity.com