The Cobra Jet Story

Cobra Jet StoryFord may have stood for Total Performance on the race track in the ’60’s, but with the exception of a few purpose built Thnderbolt Fairlanes, Lightweight Galaxies, and 427 powered Comets, you would have been hard-pressed to win many street races against rat motor Chevy’s or Hemi-powered Mopars. Bob Tasca knew that winning on the track was good for Ford’s image, but losing on the street was bad for Ford sales.  The Cobra Jet story tells the real tale behind how one dealer was able to light a fire under Ford management that changed everything.

Hot Rod magazine asked its readers, “Should Ford build this engine?” and provided a pre-addressed post card for their votes. Those post cards poured in and the rest is history.  This is the story of how the KR8 became what we know as the Cobra Jet.