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XR7-G Blueprints

The way they did things back then…

1968 Cougar XR7-G Blueprints: Cougar Horn Emblem

The original design drawings for the special components that were used to turn a regular Cougar into an XR7-G are now available in the documents section of this site.  The documents are downloadable PDF files and were produced from scans of the original 40-year-old blue prints.

It amazes me that these documents survived for all of these years.  From what I have been able to piece together, this story begins in about 1970.  The engineering group responsible for Shelby Automotive, was being disbanded.  Shelby Mustangs had hit the end of the road, with no new cars being produced after 1969 (the ’70’s were actually left over ’69 models!).  In the process of shutting things down, one of the engineers decided that the trunk of his car was better place to put a box of the XR7-G design drawings, than the dumpster for which they were intended.   This box also included several of the California Special design drawings and even a few others.  The box migrated from his trunk to his basement, and there the papers sat for the next 38 years.  Fast forward to early 2008.  In an effort to clean out the basement, the papers one again saw the light of day, and again bypassed becoming just a little more landfill.  The papers were passed to an eBay merchant, who began listing the drawings in his auctions.

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