Northern California and Stray Cats Cougar Clubs’ 17th Annual Car Show & Picnic

Northern California & Stray Cats Cougar Clubs 17th Annual Car Show and PicnicIt was a great day to get together, the weather was perfect for bringing the cats out. Several attendees drove for more than an hour to attend. Set up began at 9:30 in the morning as slowly the members found their way to the Sycamore Picnic area. Ernie, as in years past, did an amazing job organizing the event. He was the first to arrive and began unloading his car with the various items he picked up, anticipating the arrival of help to set up the covered picnic area soon. Michael Dugan and Gavin Schlesinger met in San Ramon, California to drive down to Cupertino together.

Once arriving at Stevens Creek Reservoir Park, locating the proper picnic area was a bit of a challenge. Michael and Gavin drove to the top of the first hill and then back down. While searching the various areas they came across Rodger and Carol, who were also seeking the correct location. The park office had a map, and after a quick stop and a conversation with the Ranger, they determined which direction to go.

Northern California & Stray Cats Cougar Clubs 17th Annual Car Show and PicnicErnie Cardoza was first to arrive, followed by Mark and Diane Holtz, Gavin Schlesinger, Michael Dugan, and Rodger and Carol Mueller. Ernie quickly put everyone to work covering tables and unpacking the various barbecue items, getting ready for all of the attendees. Little by little, all of the anticipated club members began to arrive. It was great to hear them rumble up the road to the picnic area.

The time seemed to fly by as registration and the food set up was completed. Everyone gathered around either the parking lot to check out the Cougars, or the picnic tables to share stories. Before long it was time for lunch, which was served buffet-style setting with components that everyone brought in addition to the hot dogs and hamburgers that the Clubs provided.

After everyone finished lunch a few announcements were made. We discussed upcoming events as well as a local print shop that has the ability to take photos of club members’ cars and for $25 will imprint them on the back of t-shirts. We also all sang Happy Birthday to Adam Hunt.

Northern California & Stray Cats Cougar Clubs 17th Annual Car Show and PicnicNext up it was time for games. There was a horseshoe pit as well as traditional Club games such as a spark plug changing race and hubcap toss. Mark Holtz remains undefeated as the spark-plug-changing champion.

At 4 PM, the day came to a close as many of the club members began the journey home. Michael Dugan volunteered to take photos of the various cars to be used on customized t-shirts that have been developed by Unique Dezign. At 5:30 the remaining 6 cars, all 1968s, were ready to hit the road together and travel their various directions home.

Over 200 photos taken at the even are available on Photobucket.

Attendees Included

  • Ernie Cardoza 1969 STD (original owner)
  • Gavin Schlesinger 1968 XR7-G (390 non sunroof)
  • Mark and Diane Holtz 1969 XR7 (Mark is President of NCCC)
  • Rodger and Carol Mueller 1967 XR7 (Root-beer Brown)
  • Les and Lil Stagnaro 1970 STD (351C)
  • Johnnie Holland 1970 XR7 Conv (Johnnie is President of the Stray Cats Cougar Club)
  • John Swanson 1968 STD (428CJ 4-Speed)
  • Darrell S. 1968 XR7 GTE (427 original paint and interior)
  • Lee Colin’s 1973 Convertable
  • Millie and Floyd Swafford 1968 XR7 (Sea-foam Green)
  • Dave and Judy Vandever 1967 STD (White)
  • Dennis Pierachini 1968 STD (Augusta Green)
  • Adam Hunt 1967 (Car not present, but he was able to attend as the event also fell on his birthday.)
  • Paul Mercurio 1967 XR7 (Red)
  • Kevin Liebenow 1968 XR7 (White)
  • Michael Dugan 1968 STD (Candy Green)
  • Jim J 1968 (3 68s but none currently running)
  • Chris Noyer 1968 XR7-G (Black)
  • Mike Anderson 1968 XR7 (Red w/ Parchment Interior)

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