New Forums at ClassicCougarCommunity.Com

Like to talk Cougars?  Be sure to check out the new forums added to this site.

The forum is run by and for Cougar enthusiasts.  Our main focus is making this the best place for Cougar hobbyists, not advertisers.   You have to be a bit of a web geek to fully understand what this means, but we think everyone will find the results speak for themselves.

Lets take a short tour of the new forums.  Whether you are a forum newby, or a million post master, we think you will find a few things to like.

The fast way to get to the forum is to click the “Forum” button on the tool bar at the top of this page.

For starters, the Forums will have their own registration and log in. This is a great idea for security and it also means that the forum will open in a new window. When you first visit the forum you will need to register here:

Cougar Forum Signup Step 1


You have to agree to the terms which say that basically you will be a decent human being, by clicking right here:

Cougar Forum Signup Step 2


And then it’s time to sign up.  If you have been participating in other Cougar forums, this is great time to lay claim to your tried-and-true user name.  Or if you ended up with a user name you are not so fond of  (ahem… mopardon) you can pick a new one (like the new MercuryDon!).  Some users prefer to use their real names as those are easy to remember.  You have to put in a real email address because you will need to respond to an email to finalize the registration.  This is another way we try to keep the baddies out. Of course you need to add a password, and then you have to pass the silly spam-bot test.  This is just a question that proves you are not a robot trying to sign up so you can post spam links for Viagra.  The sign up page looks like this:

Cougar Forum Signup Step 3


Remember when you had to put in your email address?  Well, now it’s time to check that email and click on the link to finish your registration.

You should see something that looks like this:

Cougar Forum Signup Step 4


On the log-in page, be sure to check the box that says “Log me in automatically on each visit.”  Here is what the log-in page looks like:

Cougar Forum Signup Step 5


And then you will want to go to the User Control Panel page to get your profile set up.  I think this is a really important step.  There are a few things that I recommend for everyone.  Putting your location in is a good way to let other people see where you are coming from… sometimes literally.  It also lets them know if they are close enough to you to lend a hand, and also whether the conditions where you live might play a role in helping solve a problem; summertime in Denver is a lot different than summer time in Phoenix. I also recommend that you list your cars in the signature area.  It is a good idea to list year and model (XR-7, Standard, Convertible, etc) and a little about the engine and so on.  That way if you post asking a question about something technical, we can all see what kind of car you are working on and it will cut down the bad recommendations.

You will also want to go to the Board Preferences tab and then click on Edit Posting Defaults if you would like to get an email every time a thread you have posted in gets a response.  We can’t do this automatically as it is considered spam unless you opt in.

To get to your profile click here:

Cougar Forum Profile


The User Control Panel has several tabs at the top, and each tab has several options on the left side.  You will want to spend some time here to see all of the options you have for customization.  The first page looks like this:

Cougar Forum Profile


Then just pick a thread and say hello!  But beware, there is some funny stuff on here and it sure hurts when coffee (beer!) comes out of your nose.  And no, we will not pay to clean up your keyboard.