MercuryCougar.Net Under New Ownership

Here is what we learned today on MecuryCougar.Net:


You may have noticed the server downtime yesterday. Today marks the dawn of a new day at I have, effective today, transferred ownership of to Vertical Scope. is now part of the automotive family of websites owned by Vertical Scope. This is a great thing for the members. You will soon be introduced to Helena Ciardullo. She will be the new administrator for going forward.

You may be wondering why?

For most of you, you already know I do not take part in the day to day goings on of I manage the back end stuff and pay the bills. I’ve been doing this one man show since I started ~9 years ago.

My heartfelt thank you to the stalwart members of for making this one of the best classic car forums on the net today. Over the past ~9 years, has become THE authoritative resource for fanatic classic cat lovers.

Our Contributing members have been responsible for keeping this site alive and for the most part, out of my own pocket book, for which, I’m eternally thankful.

Personally, I am an senior leader at a fortune 30 company and simply don’t have time for the car hobby I’ve loved and that has kept me out of trouble for the past 20 years, between traveling and spending time with my kids. My twin girls are now 8 and keeping me busy with all the goings on of kids immersed in grade 3.

I really struggled with the decision as this is a bit of my baby, having started it back when I was restoring my own 69 XR7 cat. As it happened, it turned out it was more about the journey that the destination, so to has it been with this website. I’m sure that all resonates with you. Time for me to move on and for the community to get alot more invested attention.

My time has been less and less over the last couple years and I didn’t feel I was bringing the members all that is possible for Vertical Scope brings capital, staff and marketing to ensure the longevity of and take the site to a new level. This means more options and more opportunities for members.

How does this affect you?

The beautiful part is it doesn’t affect you at all. I have been working with Helena to ensure a seamless transition and to close any outstanding issues. All the site modifications stay just as they are and our devoted members continue to enjoy the site as always. Other than a new admin behind the scenes, continues as it always has. I will still drop in every now and then, as I do now.

The next level!

With the resources available to Vertical Scope, is on the cusp of great things. I expect to see new vendors signing on and the potential of specials and group buys for our members in the future.

All the best,


Logan has made a huge contribution to the Cougar Community for many years. MC.Net has been, for many of us, a constant companion. We have Logan to thank for making it the great institution it is.

The question in everyone’s mind must be, what can we expect from the site in the future? I think one thing is clear; the new owners are not Cougar hobbyists. They are interested in the site from a purely business perspective. The site will need to yield enough revenue to make it worth the investment in time and money. By definition, they will have to make changes that make this happen, and those changes mean that they will need to increase the advertising and exploit the eyeballs on the site as much as possible. Exactly what this will look like remains to be seen.

The objective of Classic Cougar Community.Com has always been to bring together the different parts of the community. We haven’t tried to recreate The Classic Cougar Network, or to compete with MercuryCougar.Net. Both of those sites were created by Cougar enthusiasts for Cougar enthusiasts. They were labors of love more than money. I have always focused on trying to find areas that were not being served elsewhere, and to bring those items to the web.

Over the past nine years, I have personally posted more than 4500 times on MC.Net. And like many of you this gives me a sense of skin in the game. I have also been hosting the annual Barrett Jackson party for this group, now going on it’s 5th anniversary. I am happy to do this because I feel like the members of the board are like an extended family. MC.Net has brought guests from all over the world to my door, and I am grateful for all of this. I believe that much of the goodness of MC.Net was that we all felt that we were guests in Logan’s house (he said as much) and every one took care to treat it that way. I have misgivings that the site will be able to maintain that character as a commercial venture.

We will be revising the forums on ClassicCougarCommunity.Com. Initially, we set the forums up on this site to look and feel very different than MC.Net. This was an intentional effort to keep the forums here from splitting traffic away from MC.Net. We will be updating the forums here to a look that will be much more familiar to MCNetters. Let us just say that we want to keep the new ownership of MC.Net focused on keeping the great legacy of MC.Net intact, and if that doesn’t work we will have a ready alternative.