Lighting the Flame

So here I am writing my first journal entry for the Classic Cougar Community site. Just days ago none of this even existed. What a huge sense of satisfaction it is being a part of this push to rekindle public awareness for our cars and our great hobby. There are so many great Cougar hobbyists on the net with so much more knowledge than I have about these cars that I jumped at the chance to give a little something back to the community by assisting Bill Basore bring this site to life.

This website is about helping the classic Cougar community grow. Lending a hand at getting the information about our cars to the people who need it and bringing our hobby into the Internet era by giving all cougar enthusiasts a chance to use some very powerful tools ( cougar based photo galleries and web journals to start with) to share their passion for these old cars. To expand on these initial offerings I know Bill is hard at work trying to breathe life into our online E-magazine for Cougar enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy.
I’ll keep this short since I have been typing most of the day (and night and will probably lose coherence soon. (if I haven’t already heh) I’m looking forward to seeing the stories, “how to” articles and any advice my fellow hobbyists have to share with me. Smooth roads and safe travels all.