9 Cougars now up for sale

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Leroy R
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Re: 9 Cougars now up for sale

Post by Leroy R » 08 Mar 2018, 18:49

Sorry about your cousin. It appears he had a nice collection of Cougars, 2 Boss 302 Eliminators and a 351 4V Eliminator. There also seems to be one VIN missing from the list too if there are 9. Were you not able to read the first two digits of the VIN on that last one? Looking forward to seeing some pictures. You might want to go here and order basic Marti Reports for each of them so you will know the basic details about how they came off the production line. http://www.martiauto.com/martireports.cfm

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Re: 9 Cougars now up for sale

Post by badcatt » 08 Mar 2018, 21:27

I think it would be a good idea to have an appraiser come look at the collection. Or someone that knows Cougars at the least. There may be someone from this group that may have the time to come out and look them over. The Eliminators are worth more then the others, the Boss 302 cars are worth more even if missing the correct power train. Though that drops the value a bunch. A good auto appraiser could give you appointment sales values, they usually give insurance values that are higher then sales values. Knowing the over all condition of each car is really needed to ascertain true values. IE a rusted out Boss 302 missing it's power train may be worth less then a base 351 2V in near mint condition.
Good luck with this. I know several good people have already reached out to you from here.
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Re: 9 Cougars now up for sale

Post by ssava » 09 Mar 2018, 06:57

Sorry for your loss. I'm just south of you in Nashville.
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Re: 9 Cougars now up for sale

Post by Mike_B_SVT » 20 Mar 2018, 15:26

So, did anyone hear anything back from Brian?

*Sorry ~ I guess the seller's name is Scott! He must have been saying thanks to Brian Carpenter, and I misunderstood.
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Re: 9 Cougars now up for sale

Post by elmn8tr69 » 20 Mar 2018, 15:35

He emailed me back and said that he was going to be working on getting the cars out of storage and photographed -
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