In the body shop finally!

Paint, bondo, body work, and rust repair: whatever it takes to make your Cougar look new again, all goes here
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In the body shop finally!


Post by Royce » 04 Nov 2017, 12:05

The R code car has had some minor repair of the rear wheel lips and the hood had to be replaced due to mice building a nest in the under structure. Can't wait to get it back!
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Re: In the body shop finally!


Post by R.B.Phillips » 04 Nov 2017, 12:10

Those bums! (The mice)

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Re: In the body shop finally!


Post by JETEXAS » 06 Nov 2017, 09:22

That's going to look great. Are you sticking with red?

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Re: In the body shop finally!


Post by propayne » 06 Nov 2017, 11:34

Do you have an ETA Royce?

Would be great if it could make to the Cobra Jet 50th at Carlisle next June! :D

- Phillip

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