Synthetic oil

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Re: Synthetic oil


Post by 69XRRR7 »

I have a 5 qt jug of Quaker State Defy synthetic blend oil that I bought a while back. I have not used it yet. It has "boosted zinc". I can't remember how much I paid for it. I think I will look into one of the oils you guys have mentioned above. I am about due for an oil change.
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Re: Synthetic oil


Post by Jan-O »

In my opinion synthetic oil is a waste of money, as it cost more than regular, and this is cars we use for our hobby we are talking about, then the cars get low milage during a year, and i do change my oil every year on my hobby cat, as that is the interval recommended, gets new oil every year when goin to storage, as it will be bad for the inside of the motor to sit stored half the year with used and contaminated oil in it.

And synthetis oils are designed to get high milage before changing it, so therefor in a hobby car it will be too expensive, as it most definately should be changed once a year, and with the milage we put on our hobby cars, some may get an oilchange every year or so, and that would be veery bad for the engine, as the oil gets contaminated when the engine is running, like condense, residue from fuels getting past the rings, and other contaminations too, witch makes an etching acid, witch in order will tear up the inside of the engine over time.

That is also why i do not start the engine and warm it up during hibernation, i find it more safe to take out the distributor, and prime the engine with a priming rod on the drill.

So i usemineral oil in my cat, change it every fall when i put it in hibernation, and the milage intevall is around 5000 miler per year
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Re: Synthetic oil


Post by 1970puma »

Edelbrock makes an oil additive for those old style cams.
I put it in conventional 10w40 or even 20w50 (during the summer) Castro GTX fro my 70 351W
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Re: Synthetic oil


Post by Ruffrider »

Well I'm using 10w30 in winter here in TX valvaline racing oil with high zinc. Will change to 15w50 in summer with temps in the 100s same brand an wix filters.
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Re: Synthetic oil


Post by PonyCarMan »

guitar74 wrote: 20 Jun 2017, 09:41
ClawIt wrote: 20 Jun 2017, 07:54 Check out Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic, it was mentioned on a forum that it contains ZDDP???
Here's a link with a chart showing zinc and phosphorous levels for different Mobil 1 Synthetics: ... -guide.pdf
The link above has been updated. ... rev-31.pdf is downloadable and shows zinc and phosphorus content for all their consumer grade synthetic oils.

Has anyone found similar charts from Shell, Chevron, Havoline, Valvoline, Quaker State, etc.?
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Re: Synthetic oil


Post by Royce »

Sure any brand of oil can be found online. Walmart sells Valvoline VR-1 in a variety of viscosity levels so no need to go anywhere else in my opinion.
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