70 Cougar AOD conversion w/ FMX tranny question

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Re: 70 Cougar AOD conversion w/ FMX tranny question


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I actually just got my 3rd member back with motive gears in it. Went from a 3.00 to 3.89, and got an eaton trutrac in there. I went with the Motive set as it seemed that most people had no noise, however I must have gotten unlucky or something since I've got whine on deceleration anywhere above 40mph. I'll see if it gets any better with more break in time, as I've not driven it too far yet.
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Re: 70 Cougar AOD conversion w/ FMX tranny question


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Seems like the luck of the draw...I just dropped off my 9" center section for a winter upgrade. Also doing 3.89 ratio but Richmond. Using the Powertrax Grip Pro which is a spiral gear posi "like" the Eaton Trutrac. Upgrading to Moser 31 spline axles too. A friend recommended this driveshaft company that I'm using so I just use the brands/combos they are comfortable with. My transmission is the 6R80 so my first gear (SLR) is crazy.
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