Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals

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Re: Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals


Post by ssava »

I don't, but could look at making one for you if it would help.
I would think one of the smarter ones here would be able to tell you about the speed of it.
gregar wrote: 28 Oct 2019, 10:03
ssava wrote: 01 Mar 2018, 06:06
For an example of the relays in the 67... see the video above. I move to the inside after a few seconds so you can see the relays.

Or since this is on a new page... here you go.
Thanks for the video, do you have a video of the front as well ?
I tried them for the first time on my cougar this weekend, and whilst i'm amazed that they seem to work, they looked pretty slow (at least slower than in your video) and the front blinking is also very slow.

Is there also a reference of how the whole system *should* behave (for a 67) ? i.e. :
Turn left = front:flashes x time per 10 second ; rear:sequential repeating x time per 10 second ; dash : flashes
(on mine it seems the dash indicator shows 3 levels of intensity ?)
Hazards on = front:? ; rear:middle light flashes x times per 10 second ; dash:?
Brake = ?
'67 Cougar XR7 purchased September, 2017 to work on with my twin (14) year old boys
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Re: Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals


Post by gregar »

Thanks for offering but i think i'll do it the other way round, once i have the car with the engine running etc... i'll do a video of mine and you guys can tell me if it's the normal behaviour. Saves you the work of doing the video :)
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Re: Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals


Post by matthew06320 »

Can you tell me which wires from the directional turn signal switch connect which wires in the wiring harness at the plug I have seen many pictures and I have taken many pictures of the plug and how the wires are arranged in the plug I pulled all the wires out of the plug when I rebuilt my steering column and the hazard lights are working but not the front lights and the directionals in the back are working but not the front directionals and now I wonder whether or not I have the wires in the plug connected to the wires in the harness correctly
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Re: Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals


Post by Pirate »

The exterior lights on the 67 work fine with the exception of a dead socket on the driver side rear. Just the socket itself is faulty and needs attention as it was swapped with another that is working. Now, rather than the most outer light not being illuminated it is the center one. Simple. The interior dash indicators are another story. On either the right or left setting both indicators go off at the same time as if the 'Emergency's' are activated. If some pressure is applied pushing in that switch to activate the 'Emergency's' in then the dash indicators cut out. Am suspecting one of the under dash relays that control the turn signal or the Emergency's and wires 49 and 50 that connect to these dash lamps or it most likely is the switch itself.
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Re: Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals


Post by coachJack »


You need to test the k5 and k6 wiring harness as both relays work in tandem select the left or right dash indicators when in turn mode and also when using the emergency flashers. You should download my turn signal pdf file [url]https://classiccougarcommunity.com/wp-c ... _Guide.pdf[/url]

Starting with the k5 relay, verify circuit 441 which will have power when in right turn mode and flashers on, and no power when in left turn mode. Next verify circuit 49 has power in right turn and circuit 50 has power in left.

Next test the k6 relay, verify circuit 514 has power with the emergency flasher switch OFF and 514 has NO power when the emergency flasher switch is ON. Turn the emergency flasher switch OFF and put the turn signal stalk in right mode, now verify 49A has power (Note 49A is powered from the k5 relay's 49 circuit).

Let me know what you find and then we can go from there.

Coach Jack
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Re: Everything you wanted to know about '67 Sequential Signals


Post by Pirate »

A few days ago I had posted a diagram of the relay that controls the sequential lights. The image consists of a facia with all the terminals, being 1-17 listed with their color code, color/s and function respectively. The primary objective behind the diagram is to A: simplify the unit itself into a more comprehensive illustration and/or to run diagnostic testing with either a continuity meter or a simple test light. For example, if you run a continuity test from terminal 13 through terminals 1-6 all should display a reading that the circuit is closed as 13 controls the brake lights. Energize terminal 8 along with the ground will cause the relay for the right hand turn signal to activate and open up the circuit for the brakes on that very bank. To test the circuits for the turn signal/emergency indicator lights the contact points when relays are activated being 7 Left or 8 Right are as follows.

1-9, 1-10, 9-10,10-16; 2-12, 12-14; 3-14, 14-12, 4-16, 16-10, 16-17, 4-17; 5-11,11-15; 6-15, 15-11.

Left sequence is 2-1-5, right sequence is 3-4-6
sequencing relay.png
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