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Body Panels / Interior / Misc


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Hello All. Below is a list of miscellaneous extra parts that I have available. Most, but not all listed, are larger pieces that would not be cost effective to ship. If you are traveling thru Indiana this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and/or in route to the Ford Fall Swap meet in Columbus, Ohio that weekend... I'm located near Marion, IN a few miles West of I-69.

1) 69 Front Bumper core w/ a fixable dent: $50
1) 69 Front Bumper core w/ no issues: $150
1) 69 NOS Front Bumper w/ scratches in chrome. Never mounted Excellent core for rechrome or use as-is on a non show level car: $250
1) 70 Front Bumper core w/ no issues: $150
1) 69-70 Rear Bumper core w/ a small dent. Contour taper profile that matches taillights is correct. Bumper is not twisted: $100
2) 69 Stone Guards: $25 / $50
2) 70 Stone Guards: $50 each
1) 69 Hood / rust & wreck free Western panel that has (unfortunately) had holes drilled & cut for the; "bottom of the barrel" cheapo / repro hood scoop that utilized (7) mounting holes vs (10). These (7) holes are located inboard of those that are used on the OEM hood scoop design. A possible use for this hood will be for someone who intends to run an old school 471 or 671 blower on their engine: $50

1) 69 Hood / rust free Western panel with a small dent beside nose. Front profile where trim attaches is not damaged: $150
1) 69 Hood / rust free Western panel with a small palm dent on nose. Front profile where trim attaches is not damaged: $150
8) 69-70 Cowl panels. None are damaged, but some have multiple paint layers: $20 each
1) 69 Left (driver) Fender w/ extension. Rust free Western panel w/ some light repair between front corner & wheel opening: $150
1) 69 Right (pass) Fender w/ extension. Wreck free with small rust hole at lower area between rear & wheel opening: $80
1) 69 Right (pass) Door shell. Rust free & wreck free Western AZ panel. A few very small parking lot door dings: $400
1) 69 Deck Lid from a snow belt Eliminator. Rusty rear lip that has been media blasted: $25
1) 70 Deck Lid. Decent rear lip & has (1) small rust hole on inner skin above and inward of rear lip. No wreck damage: $60

1) 69 Lower Metal Dash assy with A/C directional vents & Std wiring harness. Fuse Block & harness are perfect: $200
1) 69 Steering Column w/ switch / non-tilt: $100
2) 70 Steering Columns w/ switch / non-tilt: $100 each

1) 70 Bolt-in Tinted Sun-X Door Glass set up. Glass, Regulator Plates, & Guides: $200
Internal door components available too: Adjusting Stop assy's, Latch assy's, Guide Rods, Regulator assy's

4) 69-70 Rear Glass Windows / Tinted Sun-X: $25 each
69 Black XR7 Door Panel set: viewtopic.php?t=15510
70 Black Std Rear Interior Panels & Rear Seat set: viewtopic.php?t=15115
70 Green XR7 Door Panel set: viewtopic.php?t=15509
70 Blue Decor Rear Interior Panel & Rear Seat set: $260
69-70 Rear Seats / misc color & style: $20 to $50 range.

69 Front Grille components / various condition.
70 Front Grille components / various condition.
69-70 Taillight assy's and/or individual components, lenses, etc...

I also have many extra used small components. FMI, Please send a P-M or call / text: 765 - Six, Six, One - Three, Zero, Seven, Eight (Indiana / EST zone).
Thank you.
Gary Miller
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