In the market: 69 or 70 for mild resto-mod

Of course you want an Eliminator with a sunroof (well any Cougar really). List it here and cross your fingers!
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In the market: 69 or 70 for mild resto-mod


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Hey all, and I know...1st poster, so skepticism should be in play!

I've been missing my first Cougar again lately, and my youngest son is still at home while attending college (thanks Covid), so it is a good time to get back to my Cougar roots and teach the young man the ins and outs of taking something rough, and making it new again. I'd prefer not to travel too far, or incur expenses for shipping, but for the right car I can definitely make arrangements.

Looking for a roller that is preferably running, and not an Eliminator or rare car. I would be making modern suspension and other drivability upgrades, so a STD HT, XR7 or a nice vert with decent pans would all be good choices. 351s are preferred as well, but either a W or C would both fit what I'm looking for. The last caveat, but not essential, would be a manual transmission, since if it is an auto, at some point I'll probably do a manual swap. I love rowing gears, and it is an anti-theft device in and of itself.

Thanks for listening, and letting me join!

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