GT-E -> Mecum Indy Fall Special, Oct 2020, Lot S81

The GT-E was only available for a few brief months in 1968. Total production would not have kept the assembly line busy for more than a half day. If you know anything about a GT-E, it is important, and this is the place to share it. The GT-E registry is maintained by Jim Pinkerton.
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Re: GT-E -> Mecum Indy Fall Special, Oct 2020, Lot S81


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Thanks Brian,
My emotions have been all over the map for the past two weeks. I still don’t have my check from Mecum so I’m hoping it will make me feel a little less remorse! They told me 2 weeks so hopefully it’s “in the mail”

A footnote... I enjoyed this experience so much. It converted me from a Mustang man to a Cougar fan. I would love to find a good daily driver 68 to just enjoy without spending a fortune.
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