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This registry includes EVERY classic Cougar. Whether you Cougar is a coucours restoration, a rusty hulk or even just a door or data tag, reporting it here adds to what we know about what became of each and every Cougar. This Registry is Maintained by Phil Parcels.
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Re: Cougar research


Post by Al Bundy »

I agree with Neal, that car is too much money. I get the sense you’re impatient. I know you’ve wanted a Cougar for a long time, but don’t get in a hurry now and end up with something you regret.
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Re: Cougar research


Post by johnque »

As said, that one is priced for a decent to better REAL Eliminator. If you have your mind set on an Eliminator, patience is a must! Trust the monthly updates Mike provides. Use those listing to also get a feeling for condition/price. It took me probably close to a year to find mine. I was very close to pulling the trigger a couple of times but patience paid off and I got what I wanted at a price that was "painful for me and the seller". That's the best advice I got on here when talking price/condition. CL is a great source believe it or not. This search engine is great in that it will search CL sites all over the country if you want. If you can, get to car shows or other places to lay eyes on the 69 vs 70. My opinion is they are distinctly different. Last piece of advice is when you find a car online that you are going to buy without laying your eyes and hands on it, reach out to the forum here. Odds are someone will be close by and will happily check it out for you! Good luck!
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Re: Cougar research


Post by freddingle »

Thanks all. I have passed on each of the cars that I was asking about. I'm going to be patient and keep looking and something will eventually pop up.
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Re: Cougar research


Post by Pirate »

I would stay away from Oodles ads. Last June there had been a 1969 Mustang Fastback 390 S-Code listed in Irvine, California. As the car needed a full restoration it was listed for around 7k, underpriced, as is a lot of vehicles found on this website. For kicks, I decided to contact the owner who got back to me the following day. The story was that he is currently working on an offshore oil rig for a 10 month contract, he'll be back in October before his next contract in November. As for the Mustang it is up in Seattle at a shipping company called 'Windle' which provided a subordinate entity that specializes in shipping automobiles internationally. As for Windle itself, there is a valid company based in Europe having been in existence for 50 years. The 'Windle' here was not it'- I'll get to that in a moment. Moving on is the subordinate company affiliated with faux Windle, or should I say 'companies' as there were 2 with near identical websites with the exception of names, addresses and color themes. They both too had spelling and grammar errors as well. After e-mailing Windle requesting they provide conclusive evidence that they have it in their possession - at this point I'm not going to buy it and was only curious as to how deep the rabbit hole goes. Before then I had already studied satellite imaging of the address provided this company- of which they could not provide any proof they even had the vehicle. Just send the money and they'll ship the car. 'There is a lot of busses in this Google Maps picture'. Interestingly enough there is no room, infrastructure or equipment for cargo ships. 'Windle' provided me with a physical address of which that research had been conducted the question was now what company occupied that location, if not Windle? The city of Seattle has a registry of all business and entities licensed to operate which can be looked up by address. The company at that address was a tour bus company explaining all the busses.

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Re: Cougar research


Post by Engine207 »

Being in your shoes just a year ago (I really wanted an XR7), I immersed myself in WCCC ( ... ltL9ZMMB-A) vids. I basically learned (then applied) just about everything I needed to know about purchasing my current Cougar.

I wound up with a Standard instead of an XR7, but after educating myself and knowing my limitations (both financial and mechanical)...starting with a clean, accident/rust free car became much more important to me than a passenger side clock and four rocker switches.

Also, for what it's worth...this community is a must for all things Cougar.

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