Hertz g suspension.

There were only 619 XR7-Gs built. They were built along side the Shelby Mustang, and were available with every engine and transmission offered in 1968, (except the 427). This was the first Cougar to be a part of the Hertz Rent a Racer program. If you have any information about these rare cats, this is the place to share. The XR7-G registry is maintained by Royce Peterson.
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Hertz g suspension.


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My understanding is Xr7g’s came with heavy duty suspension’s. Mine is a hertz g 390 4 barrel, and I will be replacing most if not all of the suspension / steering parts. I plan on using Moog parts for the front and Espo springs in back, unless their is something better. From my research there are different sizes of front sway bars, coil springs and leaf springs. My question is what parts are the heavy duty? Front and rear springs, front sway bar and front and rear shocks? Also do I use the 390 gt platform to price and acquire these parts or do I use something different?
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Re: Hertz g suspension.


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Consider getting extra lift leaf springs to prevent that saggy butt look.
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