The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7

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The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by xr7g428 » 16 May 2018, 16:31

The May 2018 Ride of the Moth is Alicia Slay's 1968 Grecian Gold XR-7

Life goes on.

Alicia Slay wanted a Cougar of her own. If she had one, she would be able to participate in the Lone Star Cougar Club's annual event at the State Fair of Texas. That meant she would be able to drive right into the fair grounds and park in very protected place. What could go wrong with Big Tex keeping an eye on things. And it couldn't be just any Cougar, as her 50th birthday was coming up in a few years so a Gold Cougar would be just the thing to celebrate her own golden jubilee. She was looking forward to taking her daughter Sydney and being able to stay late with out worrying about the long trek to some distant parking spot.

Big Tex says "Howdy Folks"

Waiting for Alicia's return at the Fairgrounds

Matt Slay's first car was a Cougar. When he was 16 his father had provided him with a car allowance, and with a little stretch, it would have covered a new car. His dad was thinking about safety and reliability and making sure that Matt was well taken care of. But Matt had a better idea, he wanted to get an older car, something that would still be cool to drive and a lot less expensive, so he could use that allowance for more than just a set of wheels. His dad was not entirely on board, but he told Matt that as long as he could keep it running, he could keep it. Matt found a white '69 Cougar convertible that filled the bill. He owned the Cougar when he met and married Alicia, and he still owned it when their daughter Sydney was born. The white Cougar convertible is still a part of the Slay family.

Matt with his High School Cougar around 1987.

Matt with the same Cougar at a LSCC event

In October of 2015, Matt, Alicia, and Sydney traveled to Sturbridge Massachusetts to attend the Cougar Club of America Eastern Nationals. Just before the show started, while enjoying a bowl of New England Clam Chowder, Matt decided to check the local Craigslist for any interesting Cougars. And there it was, a Grecian Gold '68 XR-7 in what appeared to be quite good condition. Alicia was smitten by the Cougar bug, but they wouldn't be able to go see it until after the show.

Alicia's Cougar as it arrived from New England

Upon inspection, the Cougar was as good as it had looked in the ad. Alicia had to sell some stock to raise the money but after all she was not only investing in a classic Cougar, she was investing in a GOLD classic Cougar. She decided to call it Goldi Lox. Goldi for the up coming 50th birthday, and Lox for the fantastic Nova Scotia lox that they enjoyed so much on their bagels in New England. When Alicia told Gavin Schlessinger about her new Cougar he never missed a beat and signer her up with her own CCOA membership.

When the gold Cougar arrived in Texas it was just as she had hoped. It was a solid driver from the very beginning. Aside from a few belts-and-hoses type basic maintenance items, Goldi Lox was a solid car she could start driving and enjoying right away. Alicia chooses to farm out major work but she handles most of the basics herself.

Alicia, Matt, and Sydney, with a few of their Cougars.

Goldi Lox would not be lacking for Cougar companionship. Matt had acquired a number of other Cougars and even a Model T in his car collection over the years. Alicia and Sydney found the perfect way to make sure that Goldi Lox would stand out: a pink car cover. The family cat, Puma, would provide additional security, immediately taking up residence on top of the cover.

Real life is never simple. On April 8th, Matt passed away at the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas Texas. Your real friends are the ones that stay with you when things are the hardest. The vast army of Cougar enthusiasts that knew Matt rose to the occasion and were there with an outpouring of loving sympathy and a helping hand. Alicia and Sydney have been working hard to pick up the pieces and go on with the business of life.

In closing, Alicia and Sydney both wish to thank the incredible members of the Lone Star Cougar Club and the Cougar Club of America for their kindness and unflagging support. When one of the Cougars needed some attention, the LSCC turned a regular meeting into a regular tech session fixing up the Cougar in no time.

As they move forward they an count on the Cougar Community to be there to help!
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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by COUGRR » 16 May 2018, 17:21

1968 Standard Dan Gurney Special Convertible Conversion

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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by 1967 S Code » 16 May 2018, 18:02

Congratulations Alicia.


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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by zman » 16 May 2018, 18:42

Congratulations Alicia
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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by 7.0 Litre Kid » 16 May 2018, 19:55

I have to chime in as well. Congrats
Very cool story
My wife drove the first generation cougar, but that was not necessarily her choice. She wants an old truck someday. I doubt she’ll work on it 🤔

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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by BossElim69 » 17 May 2018, 04:40

Congrats Alicia, I like the wheel change 8-)
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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by SPLINEHEAD » 17 May 2018, 04:56

Everything very nice, the Cougar, Bills writing, and the community that is standing by to help. Gotta love it.

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Re: The May 2018 Ride of the Month is Alicia Slay's Gold '68 XR-7


Post by aslay » 05 Jun 2018, 11:07

Sydney and I are IMMENSELY appreciative of our Cougar Family!!!

Goldilox was honored to be May 2018 Ride of the Month.....


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