Approximate fair value

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Re: Approximate fair value


Post by Socalef9 » 17 Nov 2017, 11:49

BAust wrote:
17 Nov 2017, 10:53
I'm just assuming the car has been repainted? I can't seem to find the topic addressed..
Yes it has been resprayed, looks like once only, but kotna great job as you can tell from the overspray. Looks like it was probably done to resell the car. When I bought it I spent about a week colorsanding a bidding because the orange peel was so bad.

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Re: Approximate fair value


Post by BAC » 18 Nov 2017, 06:55

Socalef9 wrote:
14 Nov 2017, 22:37
Darn, was really hoping that the low production numbers of j code 4 speeds would help the value a bit.
Others here will know better, but I don't think you get much extra for a Cougar based on rarity unless you're talking about big blocks and/or special editions (GT-Es, XR7-Gs,Cobra Jets, etc.) I would think your car would sell for somewhere between $10-13K as it sits now as there is still work to be done and you can pick up a very nice original car which needs nothing for $15K.

Also agree with the other comments about choosing the best time of year to sell. From November - March nobody in the snow states is looking for a car so you have a limited pool of buyers and prices tend to go down. Coming into summer the opposite is true and prices rise.
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Re: Approximate fair value


Post by Socalef9 » 18 Nov 2017, 11:04

Seeing as i'm probably not going to get as much i want to absolutely sell it, i think i'm just going to redo the interior and hold onto her for a while longer, or at least im forced to sell

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Re: Approximate fair value


Post by bob hess » 27 Nov 2017, 23:00

I think Mike -B made a Very good point . A few $$ and a weekend's worth of work with go far to get you your best price . But selling this time of year will hurt BIG Time!!!!
Two other questions come to mind , that you might put in the mix . If you go to Hagerty (ins.) web site you will see that your Cougar has stayed pretty rock steady price wise over the last 5 yrs. So holding on to it would be a good move ,( you get to keep enjoying the car )... AND it keeps ( or might increase )it's value. Few things we buy today can say that . And some might say since you seem to have such a good car ( a #2 or better / Hagerty scale ) at this point , 2-3 k invested will put you in the 20 k resale level . And then there is the "Regret factor" . Just talk to most guys in this hobby , and they almost all say .... " I sure wish I still had that car"!!!!! Just ask yourself.... just how much you can get with that $10-13K today , if you sell it now ???? Your CAT is a piece of history!!!! In a world full of cookie cutter Mustangs, Camaro's and Cuda's . Pay $40k ++++ and see yourself at every other street corner .Not to mention almost all of them will be losing value over the next 10-15 yrs. Best of luck my friend .

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