My first Cougar was my first COOL car?

Okay, lets put it to a vote: were all Cougar Convertibles Red? Is the '68 really the best year of all? This is the place to count the votes and find out.

Was your first Cougar your first COOL car?

1. Yes!
2. No
3. Not my coolest, but my coolest classic.
4. No, my coolest was......(explain in post)
5. Some of the above
6. All of the above.(based on previous poll needing more options! LMAO )
Total votes: 57

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Re: My first Cougar was my first COOL car?


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mo2872 wrote: 02 Dec 2020, 13:46
70b302cat wrote: 23 Nov 2020, 12:19 You mean like this one?

Hmmmmm, that looks REALLY familiar! :D

That's the one. I have been working on it some, and even daily'd it for a couple weeks while my truck was down. Nice car. It's presently up on the KwikLift for the winter......underbelly projects await!

Many thanks to Mark for finding it, Dave for checking it out for me(and storing for quite some time....darn Covid). And even more thanks to Mr. Gauch conveniently selling a car to another Okie, and swindling Dave(maybe swindle isn't the right word?? Thanks again, Dave!!!) into trailering his AND mine to Oklahoma......just in time for the Mid-America Shelby Meet.
Your village is here for you. 8-) I just wish I could have taken the ride w/Dave, but he told me he doesn't have a passenger seat. :think: :?

PS - your Xmas decorations look great. I saw them on Google Earth. :lol:
- Chris

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Re: My first Cougar was my first COOL car?


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:lol: :lol:

Google Earth......nice.

That's almost as good as the Tulsa airport tower calling me to tell me I was distracting pilots on the instrument approach at night lately....../sarc
Yup, that guy, the hooligan.

How do you know someone is a pilot? Easy! They'll tell you!

Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.
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