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Re: 0F91Q5056**


Post by Mike_B_SVT » 30 Nov 2019, 22:44

Great update, Neal! Hopefully I'll get to see it this summer at PROWL!
badcatt wrote:
19 Dec 2018, 23:40
Always love to see stats too! Not sure if we talked about this already or not...

For 1970 Cougar Standard Hardtops ...
458 with the 428CJ engine... 374 of them were Eliminators = 84 non-Eliminator standard hardtop Cougars w/ 428CJ
243 with C6 Automatic transmission... 192 of them were Eliminators = 51 non-Eliminator standard hardtop Cougars w/ 428CJ/C6 Auto.
43 of them painted Competition Yellow... 41 of them were Eliminators = 2 non-Eliminator standard hardtop Cougars w/ 428CJ/C6/Comp Yellow.
17 had Black Standard bucket seats... 16 of them were Eliminators...

= 1 non-Eliminator standard hardtop Cougar with 428CJ / C6 automatic / Competition Yellow / Black Standard Interior.
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1970 Cougar Eliminator (Competition Gold / Black Decor Interior)
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