I never thought

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Re: I never thought


Post by Sir Ed » 07 Sep 2019, 21:58

The winter was rough. A way above average snow year and we got slammed.

Fast forward and we are on to Kelly and Ed 2.0. Haven’t done anything with the Colonel except take it out and drive on weekends and occasionally to work.

I had to redo the head gaskets on my Subaru in May. Mechanic wanted $2100. Nah. I can do that.

Fast forward. 16 year old son wants a car to fix and flip so he can learn some car repair skills. Found a good 04 Subaru with external head gasket leaks. (Common problem). $1000 good shape. 172k miles. Good studded snow tires on rims and good all season tires on factory rims! I swear there are half as many sensors and wire connectors than my 06 Impreza “@&$:!

We should have a good $2500 to $3000 profit after parts. He’s doing most of the wrench work!
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