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Palm Springs, CA

Posted: 28 Jan 2018, 18:14
by 68MERC
I will be there for a few days this coming week. Any comments for must do or see when I'm there?

Re: Palm Springs, CA

Posted: 29 Jan 2018, 08:32
by Local Hero
Across the street from the Palm Springs airport is a car dealership that sells exotic cars, some muscle cars and sometimes a hot rod or two. Since the weather is always spectacular, they're often parked out on the sidewalk. Can't miss the place. I've always wanted to stop in but always being on a tight schedule, never had a chance to do so.

Re: Palm Springs, CA

Posted: 29 Jan 2018, 20:31
by 68MERC
I'll have to check that out. Thanks..

My 33 that we discussed like 8-9 years ago is getting closer to completion! Think it's gonna take 1 more year to complete it.