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No power


Post by jcwdldc » 13 Oct 2017, 18:21

My ‘69 won’t start.. When I turn the key there is absolutely nothing. The battery tests good and I just replaced the ignition switch and still nothing. My underdash lights work when I open the door but but when the switch is in the accessory position and the run position I have nothing.. No blinkers, no radio and no headlights and when I go to crank it over there is nothing, not even a click. Any ideas? I’m lost especially since the underdash lights work but nothing else does.. :wall:
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Re: No power


Post by xr7g428 » 14 Oct 2017, 10:31

Did you do anything before this condition developed? If not, as in it worked until it stopped, then you need to check the battery voltage under load. A quick check is to measure the voltage across the battery when you turn the headlights on. Chances are the battery is bad and voltage will drop to less than 6 volts. Alternatively, you may need to clean the inside surface of the battery clamps and the battery posts. One other common problem is the replacement battery clamps that clamp on the stripped end of the cable. They are crap and often won't conduct enough current to start the car.
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Re: No power


Post by JETEXAS » 17 Oct 2017, 08:26

Check to see if one of the press-on connections vibrated off the starter solenoid.

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Re: No power


Post by TCELL » 17 Oct 2017, 08:59

Check all connections under the steering column, be sure they're tight. Just had this happen on my 1970. Very similar conditions.
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Re: No power


Post by anthem75 » 26 Oct 2017, 21:00

Neutral safety switch? Have you tried "wiggling" the shifter up and down in neutral while cranking? This just happened to me with my C6...

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