Design the ultimate road trip Cougar

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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by 1967 S Code » 27 May 2017, 10:09

I forgot to add to my 68 XR7G usb charging ports, Sirius satellite radio w/Bluetooth phone hands free system. Power windows w/stock looking crank handle. Removable cup holders. Rear teather system for my youngest sons car seat. Modern seat belts.

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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by badcatt » 27 May 2017, 13:08

I'll be heading to Dearborn next week in my 70 XR-7 hardtop. I wold have liked to have a few more upgrades first. I have aa 5 speed, but am still running 3.00 gears. Should be good for mileage. And it gets up and goes well. I have a stereo with both USB and aux inputs. I plan to use the aux and play music from my phone.(about 700 song file) I have a Garmin and a dash cam. What I wold like to have is the A/C working. A bolt on EFI and 4 wheel disc brakes. A bigger front sway bar and a rear one. I have but have not installed them yet. Having some better front seats redone to look stock would be great too.

I'm not sure how I will feel about the 5 speed when I get in to traffic in places I don't know. But I doubt I'll face many hills like in San Francisco or even Seattle. But I'm sure I can handle it. I hope to see a few Cougars in Dearborn with bugs in the grills.
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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by Whatacougar » 27 May 2017, 15:01

Bill, all this talk about seats reminded me of those nice Porsche seats you had in your Big Block/Small Block G. I still think about upgrading my seats some day.

One of my biggest concerns about road trips is the lack of locking features. No hood, steering, or transmission locks. I'm not sure a security system alone would let me sleep at night.

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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by xr7g428 » 27 May 2017, 15:35

Can't drive it if some one steals it! Good point. And I dyed the seats dark green and put them in my wife's '67.
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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by Local Hero » 27 May 2017, 21:11

I don't have prices but I'll make a list of what I would want for the "ultimate" road trip Cougar. I'm a good part of the way there. But there are still some items on the list I don't have yet.

Engine: Warmed over small block with an aftermarket self tuning EFI, a big radiator, extra cooling fans, a high torque starter, and a big battery with lots of cranking amps.

Suspension: R&P steering, big disc brakes on all corners, tubular upper and lower control arms, bigger front sway bar, rear sway bar, Ridetech shockwaves on all four corners, four-link rear, subframe connectors, monte carlo bar, and shelby type export brace, at least 17" wheels and tires all around

Interior: aftermarket gauges replacing the XR 7 instrumentation, bolstered comfy seats, three point seat belts, Vintage AC with heat and defrost, smoke tinted glass, a full blown stereo system with ipod technology, smartphone charger port, and space age sound deadening and heat barrier insulation.

Others: Some sort of overdrive transmission, either AOD or at least a manual 5 speed. All LED lighting, a 70 gas tank with extra capacity, cruise control, ABS brakes, and an all expenses paid credit card to cover gas, food and lodging. 8-)
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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by 2NDXRND » 28 May 2017, 04:34

I'm in the camp O' Markus. I like/want a lot of the things he listed. I have some, not all.
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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by lslracing » 28 May 2017, 07:44

I will buck the trend, since my 69 ragtop is a 390 C-6 car. The car has PS PDB A/C Tilt and PW to start with. The 390 would be bored and stroked to 444ci with aluminum heads, intake and a very mild hyd roller cam. EFI depends on how much budget I can afford. The engine also will have a Cobra T Pan and external oil cooler. Trans I will most likley stay with the C-6 (external trans cooler) deep trans pan with a gear vendors O/D (I have not heard great things about the AOD behind a big block) The rear a 9 inch with 3:50 or 3:91 gears. Front suspension 1" lower 720 lbs springs big sway bar and konis, rear 1/2" lower with konis and a rear sway bar. Tire not sure yet. Interior upgrades to the seats, sound system.

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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by guitar74 » 29 May 2017, 13:54

I would drive mine as is. Throw a spare coil, pertronix, fuel pump, v reg., and solenoid in a toolbox and I'm good to go. I love the way mine drives and behaves. Even w/3.55 gears. I don't think I could ask for any more reliability from my '68. Much like my '77 LTD II, this car refuses not to run.

Oh wait a second.... I will take a couple of them cup holders that fit in the window channel. The rest of the stuff I mentioned is just sheer paranoia.

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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by contibob » 29 May 2017, 20:37

XR7 G428 My cross country trip in the 57 was in November. Warmed up nicely the closer I got to the west coast. My friends all thought I was nuts to drive it all that way, I just told them "They did it back in 57". For me, I would say the same thing about my Cougar, "They did it in 67". I appreciate all the creature comforts that have come to pass in modern cars, but the thrill for me is to drive my older cars as they were built. If I want absolute comfort and reliabilty on a cross country trip I would take my 1969 Lincoln Continental. It is like sitting in my Living Room only on wheels. If I keep my foot out of that big ole 460, it has gotten 18 MPG on the Highway and I can live with that. I do agree with Guitar, a few essential parts, fluids and a good set of tools. Once a month I drive the 2 hour drive up to see my family and take one of my old cars each time, the only cars I see broken down on the side of the road are newer cars. Of course that is what is mainly on the roads. Thankfully we all have different ideas about our old cars and road trips.

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Re: Design the ultimate road trip Cougar


Post by cyclonelou » 29 May 2017, 23:13

It could also be said-They were born to run so run 'em.

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