Lincoln Oil Plug

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Re: Lincoln Oil Plug


Post by 1969XR7Vert » 24 May 2017, 11:38

cyclonelou wrote:
23 May 2017, 18:39
At the tire store: I think its a regulation or for insurance purposes that the "techs" torque the lug nuts. Don't hold me to this. Of course I take the wheels off and put them back on myself. However when my wife's working out of town and has tire trouble and those lug nuts are put on so tight I loosen them a bit and I have a big pipe for a breaker bar if she's out by herself.
In the real world you simply have to do things like this. I really wonder what some of these people are taught as they make their way through life.
At a Costco Tire Center I once got new tires at, they used an actual (manual) torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts. This to me seems like the right way to do it but 99.9% (in my estimation) of the shops out there do not, they use an air impact and let it rip.
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Re: Lincoln Oil Plug


Post by guitar74 » 01 Jun 2017, 17:34

Yeah, some places have the torque sticks on the wall, yet I never see them use them. Which is THE thing to do if you have to use an impact.

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