Gettin' old

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Re: Gettin' old


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Don Rush wrote:
01 Jul 2019, 10:46
...then came the glorious day the tuff neck was invented... I handled enough guns as a child to know not to play around with live rounds, we were smart and only played with fire and black powder.
Memories :lol:
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Re: Gettin' old


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Bill (Basore), did you ever get your hands on a can or two of Fox "Blast" fuel? 50% nitromethane and worth a measured 1500 RPM (reed tach) in a well broken-in Cox Babe-Bee. I can date your exploits to 1965-67 by what you list!

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Re: Gettin' old


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Made of few of those shrunken heads with that kit. People forget that in the late 50's, they were still finding lost tribes in New Guinea and Papua. Those kits just reflected the immense interest that people had in the subject.

Couldn't afford those toys - as dad used to say "five kids and no quids" - but you could make one hell of a marble gun with a length of water pipe, a penny bunger (firecracker) and a good marble or ball bearing. Not to mention shooting at one another with sky-rocket launchers

World has lost a lot of creativity. Wonder if the Ford engineer that designed glue-in glass played with a couple of those toys
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Re: Gettin' old


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Never had a tough neck. Did do the bolt though. After I got a little older came my little Harley motorcycle. In the winter snowmobiles, and then their was the time I jumped my 73 LeMans over a relatively steep RR crossing. They must have the tracks a good 2 to 3ft above the rest of the road bed. Lost a rod bearing that night.
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Re: Gettin' old


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I loved riding a Polaris 440 at full throttle across the field.
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