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Re: Legendary Cougar Magazine


Post by G68 » 31 Mar 2019, 08:05

93RGTE wrote:
18 Dec 2018, 14:34
Sounds like a really tough go right now.

I think Neal and "Al" speak for most, if not all of us. Hang in - get to it if and when you can, and if not we'll be grateful with all you've done to date.
The magazines are a real treasure!
I couldn't have said this better myself
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Re: Legendary Cougar Magazine


Post by Cgrhj50 » 03 Jul 2019, 04:17

Legendary Cougar has been a phenomenal work of love. Unfortunately, due to having to survive two back to back years of colon resections due to cancer in '15 and '16 it's been much harder then I expected to get back on an even financial setting. Fortunately, it's been in remission over three years now and my prognosis is excellent. But as a result, affording luxuries like an annual subscription to this wonderful publication has been difficult. I'm willing to pitch in writing articles, if that helps take pressure off. Not that it's much but my letters to previous Muscle and Collector Car Magazines in support of showing more Cougars have been publicized. If this is not too scary, I also was an English Major in College. Finally, has anyone ever thought of promoting a "go fund me" campaign to save Legendary Cougar? Even I could afford to make a small donation if it means keeping this marvelous endeavor alive...

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Re: Legendary Cougar Magazine


Post by xr7g428 » 03 Jul 2019, 08:55

All offers of assistance are appreciated but what we need is some one that has a specific skill set. Namely we need some one that is very proficient with the Scirbus desktop publishing software and layout requirements for print publishing, that also has the eye of a design and layout editor. They also need to be skilled in creating Adobe pre print applications.This is very hard to find these days because most desktop publishing is now done in cloud based applications that require expensive subscriptions. It is kind of like carburetors and fuel injection. We have to be compatible with our on line viewer program, digital print requirements, and also the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing system. And then of course you have to be willing to work for peanuts... LOL! It is a big ask.
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