68 S code Cyclone GT

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Re: 68 S code Cyclone GT

Post by badcatt » 27 Sep 2017, 14:49

ClawIt wrote:
27 Sep 2017, 06:06
badcatt wrote:
26 Sep 2017, 08:09
I noticed the car in the back ground. A 61 or 62 Olds F-85. I had one way back in the mid 70s before I got in to Cougars. It may have the Aluminum block 215 cu/in V8 in it. That was a fun little engine to play with.
Great looking Cyclone!!!

My parents bought a new 62 F-85 and in less then a year it started over heating. The dealer replaced the radiator because it had aluminum particles plugging it up. The heater quit too. Dealer said this would continue to happen due to the engine alloy and the next radiator would be on us. About a year later the over heating started again and they traded it in.
Funny. Brutish Leland bought the right so build the Buick version of this engine. I'm sure there were some problems with them. But for the most part they were great little engines.
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Re: 68 S code Cyclone GT

Post by BossElim69 » 28 Sep 2017, 05:28

With all the collector hype for the Superbirds. Ford was winning the races on Sunday.

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Re: 68 S code Cyclone GT

Post by R.B.Phillips » 28 Sep 2017, 07:01

In my home area of central NY, we seemed to have a good quantity of dealer-stock '68 Cyclones with Parchment interiors and 390 S-Codes! Calypso Coral exteriors popped up at least twice, as well as your classic color. Man, what a great non-Cougar Mercury you've got there!

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