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Re: Look What Followed Me Home

Posted: 11 May 2014, 20:37
by Local Hero
Actually, I have very good luck with Napa. They'll have the older stuff that nobody else (chain) will have. If the location near me doesn't have it on the shelf, they can get usually by the next day.

Re: Quick Update

Posted: 11 May 2014, 21:00
by 1967 S Code
Al Bundy wrote:Just so everyone doesn't think I buy cars to park in my garage never to be seen again I thought I'd post some progress. I don't have any photo documentation since the whole idea of free time is kicking my butt. I consider myself lucky just to be able to get some work done.

Started by pulling the plugs and spraying some lubricant in the cylinders. The plugs were extremely tight and required a breaker bar to get them loose. Then I pulled the valve covers off, no surprise that they required a good bit of prying to break them loose. At this point there was a bit of concern since the oil was extremely runny and stunk like fuel. After putting in some fresh stuff and a new filter, hooked up a battery and crossed my fingers. I was afraid the cylinders might have been washed from all the fuel and locked everything up from sitting for so long. Probably should have just tried to turn it by hand, but I figured it would spin over or it wouldn't. And the top end looked pretty good so I wasn't really worried about anything there. Hit the key and it spun nice and easy.

Last night came new plugs and plug wires. I already new there was good spark since the coil wire was off the previous session. Originally I wasn't even going to try before the carb was rebuilt. The kit is on order but I don't have it yet. And patience is not one of my strong suits. So I figured why not. The fuel line was already unhooked by the yahoos that tried to get it running years ago. So I didn't have to worry about sucking up any 35 year old crap into the carb. I'm not sure exactly what they had done, but I knew the carb had been left dry. I filled the carb with fuel, oiled the top end again, just to be sure. It was oiling properly but a little slow. Gave my youngest the honor of turning the key. To my surprise it turned over twice and fired right up. Lifters were a little noisy but after 20-30 seconds they quieted down. Runs unbelievably smooth considering it sat for 35 years. Though I did discover that I'll be needing a new radiator.

Today's agenda includes testing the fuel pump and looking over the brakes to see what I need to do to get it to stop. The master cylinder looks pretty crusty on the outside. I had already planned on replacing everything, but I didn't think about the master. Going to get one ordered today. I'm pretty sure that's nothing NAPA will have in stock. I don't know why these places won't keep parts for 50 year old vehicles on the shelves.
All of this and no pictures. :poke: I'm glad the start up went good after it sat so long.

Re: Look What Followed Me Home

Posted: 12 May 2014, 07:23
by R Code
Thx for the update. Sounds way cool.

Re: Look What Followed Me Home

Posted: 30 Oct 2014, 06:10
by OldWood
I have always liked the dash console and front seats in these birds. I can remember riding with my best friends doll baby sister when about 8 years old.
Man I had a crush on her and the car.
Good memories, Great buy Al. Put a tri power on it and hold on to the original.