shifting issues

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Re: shifting issues


Post by 9F91H581221 » 17 Feb 2018, 12:00

See all the threads sticking out on the front side of the adjustment where the cable comes out? Adjust to only have about half of that thread length. Can you test drive or is there snow?
How is your reverse application? --positive? weak? I'm wondering if you have weak pump output. You may want to test main line pressure which is on the drivers side above and behind the shift lever. Should be 75-90 in reverse at idle. 55-65 in OD, D, 1 at idle. You would need a 300 psi gauge to test what is called "WOT stall". This is where you hold the brake firmly with your left foot and hit the gas with your right. Reverse should be 250-290. Forward ranges should be 180-215. Obviously, don't try the stall test in Park or Neutral.
If the pump is weak. It could be caused by loose pump bolts inside the trans. Incomplete installation of the torque convertor into the trans. Not having the spacer plate between the engine and trans. Having a C-6 flexplate which is the wrong off-set can cause promote less than adequate clearance. When installing the trans, the convertor should have some free play before the nuts are put on. If the conv was bottomed fully into the trans, when the bell is bolted to the block the conv should pull forward about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. If it were less than a 1/4" or especially no clearance at all, it could press the inner pump gear into the back of the pump causing damage and low pressure.
You can drop the pan to check for excessive metallic from a worn/damaged pump if you suspect that's a possibility during installation. While the pan is off, remove the TV shaft preload spring. The spring wraps around the TV shaft, has a hook on one side and a strait leg on the other. Then you won't need an additional spring on the outside of the trans to fully return the TV lever.

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Re: shifting issues


Post by BadBoyJ » 19 Feb 2018, 19:58


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