DIY Fuel Injection

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Re: DIY Fuel Injection


Post by JETEXAS » 06 Mar 2018, 16:42

Has anyone used one of these fuel sending units for EFI? Seems like the absolute easiest way to hook up a return line, but I'm worried the lines are undersized. ... 1438.l2649

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Re: DIY Fuel Injection


Post by wawazat » 07 Mar 2018, 09:31

I converted my '69 with a transplanted 351C to fuel injection last summer. I used the FiTech 600hp kit, a new FI specific fuel tank and in-tank pump (GP-4A) from Tanks Inc, and plumbed it with an-6 line for delivery using the stock fuel line for return. The FiTech FCC linked to earlier had some early problems and required a lot of space in the engine bay to mount. The top mount connections for the fuel pump are a concern that I'm addressing with a fabbed aluminum cover. I did have a fuel pump problem after installation and had to swap it out for a new pump. Thanks to Summit that swap was at no charge and only required my time to R&R the pump module without draining the tank. The FI pump mounted in the stock location in the Spectra tank would have required that I drain the tank for the fuel pump change.

On the question above regarding line size, FiTech rates the unit I have for 600hp with an-6 inlet connection on the throttle body. AN-6 line is nominally 3/8" OD with an ID of about 0.350". Again, I used the stock carb fuel line for return. I just checked that line size and measured it to 0.3780" OD with a 0.300" ID. If you have concerns about the 1/4" return pot on that sender I would review them with the fuel injection system supplier you are considering for verification.
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