Original Owners Manual FREE to Current owner

IF there was ever any doubt that this is a real community, get this: Don Rush of West Coast Classic Cougars asked for a forum where he could GIVE stuff away: FREE! And you know, there is a lot of stuff floating around that I think we would all like to see go to a good home rather than to the land fill. I know that my garage contains a few items that I would like to find a new home. So post your FREE stuff here!
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Original Owners Manual FREE to Current owner


Post by mustangman » 08 Sep 2016, 08:21

I have the original owners manual to a 1968 X Code Cougar. The manual is in amazing shape. The outside cover is slightly faded but the binding is tight and the pages are in like original condition. Original owners name, VIN number and data plate info plus selling dealer recorded in the front cover! Sold new in Herndon Virginia, this car must have spent time in NC, SC or Georgia......I'm not even sure where I got the manual ...I do not recall ever owning a 390 X code.
Here's the deal:
I want to reunite the manual with the current owner; but I need your help! If anyone knows who owns this car or where it is, please have them contact me so I can mail them this owners manual. VIN 8F93X-566903

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Re: Original Owners Manual FREE to Current owner


Post by Al Bundy » 08 Sep 2016, 11:43

Very cool of you to post that. Maybe Jim will check the database and see if it can be located.
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Re: Original Owners Manual FREE to Current owner


Post by Cougar1 » 09 Sep 2016, 06:52

That is not on the database currently, but it will be now. Please send me the rest of the information for the record. Thanks. Jim.
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