Various Wheel Covers-Headed For The Trash

IF there was ever any doubt that this is a real community, get this: Don Rush of West Coast Classic Cougars asked for a forum where he could GIVE stuff away: FREE! And you know, there is a lot of stuff floating around that I think we would all like to see go to a good home rather than to the land fill. I know that my garage contains a few items that I would like to find a new home. So post your FREE stuff here!
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Re: Various Wheel Covers-Headed For The Trash


Post by desertdave55 » 26 Jan 2012, 02:56

desertdave55 wrote:
428cougarguy wrote:Hey Dave, I would be interested in the wire wheel covers if you don't have any takers yet. No rush, let me know what shipping costs would be to Chandler, Arizona, 85224. Thanks, Scott
Scott, you're the first to ask, so they're yours if the shipping doesn't scare you away! Having trouble finding a box big enough, I'll have to scrounge around at work tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.
Scott, took way too long to get back to you. It's $15.65 to ship to you via USPS Parcel Post. If OK, PM me your address and I'll get these sent out to you. We can work out payment at a later date.

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