New member from So. Oregon..

From dusty barn find to daily driver, it seems our cars are never really done. This is the place to share your progress on your project car. We will celebrate your victories and commiserate over your tragedies. But most of all this is a great place to learn!
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Re: New member from So. Oregon..


Post by Brian-1969Cougar »

Making extreme slow process on the Cougar... Just about have everything torn down to start rust repair and bodywork...
I finally paid out the coin and got a Marti report...


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Re: New member from So. Oregon..


Post by ccarney69 »

Sometimes the restorations start slow. You will hit your stride when the time is right. I think your car has some really nice options as in the tilt away steering, power windows, 351 4v and the front bumper guards. I also think the Red with the black interior and black top will be stunning when done!! Keep us posted with the progress.

Answering an earlier question on cleaning the interior. I like to use Murphy's Oil Soap because it is 97% natural, smells good, protects and really cleans dirt and grime easily.
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Re: New member from So. Oregon..


Post by Brian-1969Cougar »

Life has gotten in the way....
Contemplating selling the entire lot... all three cats, as they sit...

Since the last time I posted...
Wife’s sister diagnosed with Rectal/Colon Cancer... she lasted a little over a year and died last August 4 days after her 41st birthday... Wife and I became her 4 year old daughters leagal guardians, so bought and moved into a bigger house... now have my 3 kids, little girl and mother in law living with me... 7 people in the same house...

I do not see myself ever getting back to the project and have been thinking seariously about selling them all... question is, what is the going market for a stripped down XR-7 with 2 parts cars..??

Talk me out of it..


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Re: New member from So. Oregon..


Post by Caleb »

That really sucks. I'm sorry for your lose and wish you all the best raising your neice. I'd love to say hold off on selling the cars and after a while ahe will feel like more part of the familly and things will settle down and you may find time for cars again but I can't blame you for feeling how you do. I'd probably be selling my stuff in the same situation.

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Re: New member from So. Oregon..


Post by Mike_B_SVT »

Sorry about your hard times, Brian. Losing family members always stinks :-/

On a positive note, it sounds to me like you have a 5-person restoration crew living with you! Start 'em young :-)

Seriously though, I hope it all works out for the best for you and yours.
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Re: New member from So. Oregon..


Post by badcatt »

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your sister in law. Bit the greatest thing you and your wife can do is taking on your niece. Giving her a loving home is one of life's greatest projects. Good luck with the re-homing of the Cougars.
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