replacement door skin repair

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Re: replacement door skin repair

Post by DieselD » 19 Jan 2018, 09:25

pellets4fuel wrote:
19 Jan 2018, 09:17
Hey thanks for the input. I did get them back together. I actually tig welded them ( no sparks) Was able to shear and bend up some small tabs for the missing ones. Biggest thing with the tig welding was to get all impurities out otherwise It don't weld the best. I was very careful on watching how much heat I allowed to get in the "picture" I even flash cooled down with a cold wet soaked rag several times.
Both doors turned out great. Passenger side door alignment stayed fine. Drivers door actually had a twist to it without the tabs attached. So much so that the long bolt that goes through the vent window frame, well the hole on the inside panel was a complete hole off from the threaded weldnut on the tab on the outer panel. I made a "dummy" spacer to represent the thickness of the vent window frame, and getting in the right Yoga position held in on the bottom outside of the door with my knee, pushed out on the top inside corner and the door twisted back to a point where the bolt path came into alignment. Held it there and tightened the bolt to hold it, then fabricated tabs and welded in. Took bolt out, and wahla it stayed. Down side; now the door alignment is off. I have never adjusted a door before, so on to learning something new!
nice work! If it was easy everyone would do it!
I have yet to master the art of Tig welding, MIG no worries, done lots of that but very little experience with the TIG machine
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Re: replacement door skin repair

Post by 1jarhead2 » 19 Jan 2018, 21:58

Thats awesome, good to go

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