Radio antenna removal and hole repair

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Radio antenna removal and hole repair


Post by Diamondbill68 » 09 Nov 2018, 22:36

So I need advice in a few areas so I will list them.
The radio doesn't work, it doesn't get any reception.You can here the static sound but no actual audio. I am thinking about modernizing the sound system but
I want to maintain the original aspects of the car, especially for resale purposes next year.
I will decide after your suggestions.
Based on the decision I am contemplating filling the vacant hole left by the removal of the antenna.
How is this done? I don't weld and have never done anybody work. I am however patient and a quick learner.

Thx for your patience, things are moving along with my 68 due to the great advice and assistance of fellow Cougarites 😉👍

Cheers Bill
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Re: Radio antenna removal and hole repair


Post by catlover » 10 Nov 2018, 08:07

If you are going to modernize the sound system, you are going to need an antenna of some type so why not use the the hole you already have and use a power or hidden antenna.
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Re: Radio antenna removal and hole repair


Post by fordnutz » 10 Nov 2018, 12:32

Unless you are planning to fill the antennae hole through welding and bodywork, then painting the area, or the entire car, I would just leave the antennae (regular stock style, or flush mount) in the hole. There are hidden antennas available for sale if you decide to go that way.
As far as modernizing the radio, but keeping the original exterior there are a few companies around the continent that specialize in doing just that. The mod usually can get you modernized innards with better AM/FM (or the addition of FM on an original AM only radio), plus the ability to plug in an external music source (iPod, cell phone, sat radio, etc.).
Depending on where you are in Canada, there may be a place that can do it near you. There is a guy near Vancouver that does the modification.
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Re: Radio antenna removal and hole repair


Post by Sir Ed » 10 Nov 2018, 19:56

I need to replace the antenna on mine as well.

I prefer just getting in driving and enjoying the sound of the engine and the road.

I know the radio turns on but thats about it at the moment!
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Re: Radio antenna removal and hole repair


Post by Czechmate68 » 12 Nov 2018, 00:43

I recently pulled mine out as I had to remove the fenders. I don't even know if it works.
I have to imagine that there would be a new pet antenna that would work and maybe require a slight mod on installing it. What do all the Mustang guys use?
How can I text my old one and is there someone out there that rebuilds or refurbished them?


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