Rust treatment

Paint, bondo, body work, and rust repair: whatever it takes to make your Cougar look new again, all goes here
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Rust treatment


Post by sfog273 »

Hopefully I can get some good answers based on people with past experience.
Has anyone had bad luck with hidden rust areas coming out after the body work and paint was done years later?

I have spend an extensive amount of time replacing sheet metal and patching my current project. While most Rusty panels has been replaced I have been running into quite a few small places that have pits and small holes, but not severe. The body is overall in fair shape based on some of the others I've seen.
Between welding, brazing and lead filler, I have made progress, but have worries that some stuff could resurface, which I don't want after all this work.
It's amazing how much rust hides between sheet metal, even when you can't see it. Anything reachable is getting rust treated and sealed also. I'm making every effort to get what I can.
My only other option is dipping the car I guess, which wasn't part of the plan.
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Re: Rust treatment


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A lot of work..

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Re: Rust treatment


Post by BossElim69 »

Just need to prevent moist from entering from the backside of the panel. Sheet metal with pin holes needs replaced or welded shut. usually when you see bad spots reappear after repair/paint. It's because they used filler over metal with pin holes and moister gets in from the backside of the panel and starts the rust process again.
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