The last day of an XR7-G

There were only 619 XR7-Gs built. They were built along side the Shelby Mustang, and were available with every engine and transmission offered in 1968, (except the 427). This was the first Cougar to be a part of the Hertz Rent a Racer program. If you have any information about these rare cats, this is the place to share. The XR7-G registry is maintained by Royce Peterson.
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The last day of an XR7-G


Post by Royce » 28 Nov 2014, 13:45

A while back I got these wonderful images from the original owner of this car which sadly no longer exists.



It was hit by a drunk driver while parked:

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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by Tweeder » 28 Nov 2014, 14:20


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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by relentless » 28 Nov 2014, 14:24

Ouch. Without the trunk the car reminds me of a gremlin.

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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by brianthelion02 » 28 Nov 2014, 14:29

That hurts...
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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by berns68 » 28 Nov 2014, 16:16

That had to be painful to watch it get towed away forever.

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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by Mike_B_SVT » 28 Nov 2014, 18:06

Ouch! Holy cow, that guy must have been flying when he hit it!
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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by Zogman » 28 Nov 2014, 19:35

So sad!!!
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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by fordnutz » 29 Nov 2014, 02:20

Looking at the window sticker, it had the Rader wheels.
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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by cougarrand » 29 Nov 2014, 07:02

I don't see any signs of a fire. Given that a lot of people are worried about the gas tank leaking and exploding. Just saying!
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Re: The last day of an XR7-G


Post by cougar2 » 04 Dec 2014, 20:53

So sad, and to know that at that time, all the good parts would have just went with it.

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