Intake Painted?

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Intake Painted?


Post by proford1 »

My intake was painted and im pretty sure it was factory paint (no one else could have ran the paint that much) but i see some restored cars with the intake unpainted? so which is correct?

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Re: Intake Painted?


Post by 1969XR7Vert »

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Re: Intake Painted?


Post by TomL »

Yes, painted is correct. Royce posted several years ago that Ford painted the cast iron heads and allowed the overspray to cover part of the aluminum intake. I'll let Royce address this.

But the fact is the 428 PI aluminum intake looks so good when cleaned properly that many restorers leave them unpainted. I know I will.
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Re: Intake Painted?


Post by catlover »

If you have the original as born with engine, then you know it was painted.
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Re: Intake Painted?


Post by akfordman »

Painted is correct but my preference and mine was left aluminum
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Re: Intake Painted?


Post by 427XR7 »

I have a really nice one of these (the intake) if anyone is interested. $650. 248 867-3522

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