Original tires

The GT-E was only available for a few brief months in 1968. Total production would not have kept the assembly line busy for more than a half day. If you know anything about a GT-E, it is important, and this is the place to share it. The GT-E registry is maintained by Jim Pinkerton.
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Re: Original tires


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The rules at Mercury were different for the 428CJ because you could get either a 4 speed manual or a C6 automatic transmission. There is one window sticker out there for a 4 speed 428CJ GT-E. In any case, the F70-14 Goodyear raised white letter tires were a mandatory option (like "military intelligence" lol) as was an extra charge for either transmission on every 428CJ Cougar, GT-E or not.

warwick wrote:
05 May 2019, 14:09
What doesn't make all that much sense on the window sticker if you do the math is that if you bought a GTE 428CJ you got Polyglas Wide Ovals and had to pay for them (over and above GTE Package which included radials).

.... and you also with a GTE 428CJ had to pay for the C6 trans since it was included in GTE 427 package. I figured with the 428CJ the C6 or 4 Spd was a no charge and included with package. The GTE Package cost was same for 428CJ and 427.

It might be worthwhile to see an original GTE 428CJ window stacker.
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