Export brace mounting help.

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Re: Export brace mounting help.


Post by mfc133 » 05 Mar 2018, 13:38

If you can look past their wonky sense of humor this is a really good video about using a porta-power to spread the shock towers:

But if you're only a 1/4 in off you may be able to get by with letting the car sit on jack stands for a while.

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Re: Export brace mounting help.


Post by 68G-CAR » 06 Mar 2018, 20:58

Several years ago I read somewhere, not sure where now. That if you jacked the car up on one side only, with all four tires on the ground that you could get an export brace to fit the shock towers. So I tried it on my 68 and damn if it didn't work. It worked for me, don't know if it will work for you but it might be worth a try.

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Re: Export brace mounting help.


Post by ClawIt » 07 Mar 2018, 07:04

Three things I tried that worked on different cars:
Always be observant of alignment.

Take off carb and use 20 ton bottle jack. Plate of jack on one shock tower and a piece of steel pipe (gas line) against the jack piston to the other shock tower.

Cut a one inch by one inch piece of wood thick enough to be taller then the sides of the top of a jack stand. Place one on each side of front frame next to where the underneath engine support bar attaches. Let sit jacked up until brace fits.

Remove the top two bolts for the front fender apron to the outer tower cover on each side. 'Massage' a Monte Carlo bar into place. You may want to leave it in also because it does make the front tighter.

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Re: Export brace mounting help.


Post by 1970 » 07 Mar 2018, 07:14

Mine went on by jacking one side then the other, varying the height. It took 3 rounds of doing this before all the bolts lined up with the brace holes.

BTW some history I was told: Ford was forced to use these braces in Europe by safety officials. Ford had a sales push there that included paying to put the 69 red convertible in the James Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Ford should have used the brace on all Mustangs and Cougars wherever sold, especially on the convertibles, but I guess the bean-counters opposed that. A friend refers to it as the "Diana Rigg" brace.

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