Front End Alignment Question

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Front End Alignment Question


Post by RootBeerJoe » 02 Mar 2019, 19:06

I just completed replacing the entire front end suspension. I used the coils to drop the front 1" and replaced the shocks, upper & lower control arms, inner & outer tie rods, end links, idler arm and bushings on the strut arms.

While I was down there and noticed leaks in the power steering system, I rebuilt the slave cylinder, replaced the hoses, replaced the control valve and put new gaskets in the power steering reservoir.

I tried to put everything back in the same position. After putting the wheels back on the car and lowering it I noticed that when the left front tire is straight ahead (see picture)
left front.jpeg
left front.jpeg (40.16 KiB) Viewed 136 times
the right front tire is angled out (see picture).
right front.jpeg
right front.jpeg (42.37 KiB) Viewed 136 times
I plan on taking it in for an alignment but I was wondering.

1 - is it safe to drive 4 miles to the alignment shop like this?

2 - What do I have to do to get it straight like the other side? Is this a tie rod adjustment?

I am a novice at this so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Front End Alignment Question


Post by Allen68 » 02 Mar 2019, 19:35

I would think it would be ok for 4 miles (slower speeds)

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Re: Front End Alignment Question


Post by anthem75 » 02 Mar 2019, 21:14

Have you measured the overall length of each tie rod assembly?

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Re: Front End Alignment Question


Post by Cougar Bill » 03 Mar 2019, 10:16

do a quick toe adjustment. Use a tape measure. have a friend hold it on the front tire while you measure the other tire. Front of tire & rear of tires. Looks like it's out way too far to drive safely....
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Re: Front End Alignment Question


Post by Royce » 03 Mar 2019, 10:19

Yes, I would set toe in to about 1/4" by lengthening one of the tie rods enough to achieve that. It will be dangerous to drive with toe out like you have now.
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