How do i clean my engine bay ?

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Re: How do i clean my engine bay ?


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There's really no substitute for elbow grease and each part will require a different technique. I use Go-Jo hand cleaner with rags to clean wiring harnesses. Diesel soaked rags work great for removing heavy gunk and grease. After the major grime is removed you may want to come back with a spray cleaner like Scrubbing Bubbles for example. Isopropyl alcohol on a rag is sometimes the right answer. Old toothbrushes are handy. Lots of work to get it really clean,
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Re: How do i clean my engine bay ?


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I wanted to recommend brake clean as well but its on the lines of gasoline but much more flammable. I use brake clean(not the cheap auto parts store stuff) to clean most greasy motor parts after scrapping the chunks off.
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Re: How do i clean my engine bay ?


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xr7g428 wrote:
13 Feb 2020, 22:10
Now that my eyebrows have grown back I would like to remind others that gasoline is not a good choice of solvent. But it is incredibly good for Amateur dermal reductions. Takes off the top layer in a flash so to speak.
Now that’s funny!

Never had a problem with simple green staining anything, but I haven’t let it soak stuff for more than 15 minutes or so. Good to know.

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Re: How do i clean my engine bay ?


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Would it be worth hiring a HOT water blaster with some detergent with it ?

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