Interior Touch Up Supplies

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Interior Touch Up Supplies


Post by Trixie » 06 Jan 2018, 15:17

Good Afternoon Everyone,
This might have been asked/discussed here before. I am looking for preferred suppliers of interior
touch up paint/dyes that folks here have been satisfied with. Specifically I have a good used t-handle
(for an XR7) that is currently dark green that I would love to change to black for my XR7.
I also would need to touch up the dash trim pieces and the rear arm rests trim pieces. This is for
a convertible. If this has a thread that already exist for this topic, I would appreciate the link.
Thanks and Have a Great Day,
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Re: Interior Touch Up Supplies


Post by 69XR7Ragtop » 06 Jan 2018, 15:25

SEM 15013 "Landau Black" is a pretty good match for the interior black. Worked great on my Dash and arm rests. ('69)

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Re: Interior Touch Up Supplies


Post by J_Speegle » 06 Jan 2018, 15:47

Remember that the "black" parts that are painted (well the vast majority of them) were not painted black but Dark Charcoal Metallic. Allot of past owners have just rattled canned the interiors black and been happy with that though when compared side by side or comparing an original part it does stand out to the eye.

Some of the versions/brands of the paint that are available don’t have allot of pigment in them so they can cause issues if using only those to paint your parts. Instead we’ve found over the years to instead lay down a base coat of black first them overcoat in two light slightly dry passes the dark charcoal to pick up the slightly grey metallic top coat.

Remember to strip the parts first. Spraying over the earlier paint only results in filling the grain and producing a much smoother than original look. Lay the base coats on in a couple of coats just enough to ensure full coverage them top coat it as mentioned above. If you get too carried away with the top coat it will also fil in the grain and will appear glossier unlike the original look. Messed up on the bottom of my doors on the 69 and I’ve got to go back, strip it and redo when I get the time. Looks bad compared to the rest of the interior

Hope this helps

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